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Microblading! Lasting Beauty...In Your Face!

By bareskinst5912879, Jan 11 2017 11:03PM

Microblading is the a brow-perfecting trend that is becoming the new normal among beauty enthusiasts world-wide. It's common knowledge that the eyebrows create the frame for the entire face. Pencils, powders and traditional tattooing have now outdated themselves as the best long-term solution to achieving the most flattering and natural-looking result. So why is microblading such a "no-brainer" for those of us want brow perfection on a daily basis without daily effort? Here's Why.

Microblading is quick!

The procedure, performed in two appointments, 4-6 weeks apart takes around an hour and a half each. Much of this time will be spent consulting, measuring and designing. The actual microblading process will not take place untill you and your artist are both thrilled with the individual design that is drawn. This part of the appointment should be as exacting and meticulous as the microblading itself! After the drawing is complete and a topical anasthetic is applied the microblading process takes about 30-40 minutes. Easy! The artist will continue to apply the anesthetic throught the procedure so you will stay comfortable and after your final approval you are out the door.

It's Semi-Permanent!

Unlike traditional tatooing microblading implants pigment into the topmost layer of the dermis. The machine used to perform traditional permanent makeup implants pigment into a slightly deepler layer of the skin creating cosmetic designs that can last up to 10 years or more. For those who are a bit uncomfortable making that kind of commitment to a brow design (no matter how much you may love it today) the slowly fading nature of the microblading technique allows some piece of mind that without the 18-24 month touchups your design will gradually become a thing of the past and your perfect brows a distant memory. For those who wish to maintain the look they adore, a simple touchup when needed will keep your look fresh and your brows full and polished. The first, 18-24 month touchup is ususally performed at a rate lower than the origional service.

It's Safe!

A microblading artist should have extensive training and ideally years of experience. A quality technician will be more than willing to share her credentials, references and extensive portfolio with you. It is absolutely accepable for you to ask for these things before you book an appointment or leave a deposit. Every state has it's own set of rules and regulations regarding permanent makeup and microblading. A microblading artist will stay well informed of her or his regulations. Some artists may be regulated asa tattooist and others may be supervised under a physician. Some states may allow permanent makeup to be applied by estheticians with a permanent makeup certification and some states have no regulation for permanent makeup at all...hmmm...

A microblading artist has an arsenal of sterilized and disposable instruments and supliesthat should be layed out and prepared for use. Some of these should include:


Measuring calipers

Surgical Markers

Wax Pencils

Facial Rulers

Brow Shapers

Gauze Pads

Disposable Microblades


Topical Anesthetics

Skin Cleanser


Any item that touches the clients skin should disposable or sterilized by autoclave. Any surface that may come into contact with a body fluid or the technicians gloves during the service must be covered in plastic and changed after every client. Sanitation and knowledge of bloodborne pathogens are of the utmost importance in a permanent makeup practice! Ask your artist if he or she has a current Bloodborn Pathogens Certification.

Ask your artist about their training! Permanent makeup is an industry filled with passionate individuals many of whom have spent months or years saving up thousands of dollars to afford the extensive training that it often takes to become competitive in this field. After this initial training the artists' work has only just begun as a quality training program does not offer its certification simply for completing the program. The student must reach a skill level that satisfies the "master" instructor before the title of certified microblading artist is awarded. There are artists without formal training who may be qualified to perform the service as well. What is most crucial is that your artist is licensed and regulated and that he or she makes you feel 100% confident about their skills and their expertise.


Brows too light, too thin, too sparse? Eyes beginning to droop a bit? Have a scar, facial asymmetry, old, faded brow tattoo? Microblading has got you! Enough are worth 1000 words.

Have any questions about microblading?? Call us!! 443-960-0731 Were here to help!

Melissa Jacobson is the only PhiBrows certified microblading artist in Baltimore, trained by Serbian Microblading Master Branko Babic himself in one of his first American Training Academies. This was a hard-won honor and one that she takes very seriously as she remains a very active part of the PhiBrows community. This Association maintains the highest quality standards and expectaions of it's artists and the community provides ongoing support and feedback and encourages continued education and expansion of skills.

Melissa has been an Esthetician and makeup artist for 24 years. Her beauty education began at Von Lee International School for Esthetics in Baltimore and continued with post graduate training at the Dermal Institute In Viena, Virginia and The Ultima College in Denver, Colorado. She has beauty industry training as a store manager for Origins and was selected as a member of the origional team of artists to introduce Make Up Forever into the US in the early 1990's. She also has a undergraduate degree in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology from The Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She has been co-owner of Bare Skin Studios with Stephanie Casey since 2010.

Stephanie Casey started to persue her passion for skin care after working at Whole Foods Market as the body care buyer in 2001. Stephanie found value in using organic skin care as opppsed to conventional ingredients. This inspired her to become an Esthetician and to explore the clinical side of working hands-on in skincare with clients. Stephanie graduated the Aveda Institute in Washington DC in 2005 and from there became certified through Dr. Hauschka as one of their national educators and Estheticians. Stephanie is also certified in many other organic skin care companies including Eminence, Jurlique, Mychelle and, Naturapathica. Over the years Stephanie has expanded her Esthetics career by adding more specialty services such as eyelash extensions and permanent make-up and microblading.

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