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       3 Brazilian Waxes for $130


 *6 month expiration


Get tanned today without damaging your skin!

Get tanned today without damaging your skin!

Sinless Tanning

Come to Bare Skinlabs and get a rich and even bronzing without having to travel far. Our custom and organic coloring is visible immediately and it lasts for days. Our professional team will guide you through the process and come up with the best possible color for you. Call us at 443-960-0731 to schedule an appointment today!

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Instant gratification bronzing reduces the consequences of tanning. It provides rich, custom, organic color that's visible immediately and lasts for days. The depth of color is custom blended based on your desired level of bronzing. Wear loose, comfortable, and dark color clothes when coming to us for tanning. It is possible that a small amount of color could transfer onto your clothing immediately after the tan, which is 100% washable.

Airbrush Tan


Package of 3


With full body exfoliation